Monday, June 27, 2011

have you seen these before?

I hadn't until about a week ago. check them out:

Names we all know very well. Not even due to Topps shoving them at us really hard for the past few years but all three are first class Hall of Famers. You know, the legendary first class of 1936. The other two members of said class were Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb. All five are arguably the best players ever to take the field of their respective positions. Yes, I know there are two pitchers there making that last statement void. Regardless they were great players. Anyway, this set was made in 1961 by Golden Press. Upon further research, I found that all 33 cards came in a book and were perforated for removal. See the sides of the cards and you'll see what I mean. All 33 cards were all the current members of the Hall of Fame up to that point. I really like the pictures on these. They are all done in this format, there are no photos. Although I know I've seen that Johnson picture before... The backs have career stats and a small bio. I haven't decided if I want to go for just those first five Hofers or the whole 33 card set. I may do the set if I can find the rest for a good price like these were. A nice oddball set here.

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  1. It is a nice looking set I also recently just found out about it, when someone who had recently gotten the Babe Ruth card wanted to know what the set was. I'm not sure if it is a set I will pursue or not. With sets like this I tend to want to get a decent copy of the book they came from w/the cards still in it. :) That isn't likely to happen though.