Thursday, June 16, 2011

round four

Yes, yes, the last round was a little....uneventful. Autos, unfortunately, were never my great pulls and usually I end up with a scrub when I do pull them. This lot is much better, back to more relics. This round marks the final regular relic round. Lets see what we have to choose from this time:

1. kevin- robinson
2. ryan- lincecum
3. ba benny- hernandez (to chris for ramirez rd5)
4. potch- mccann
5. hiflew- tulowitzki
6. commishbob- holliday
7. Nathan- butler
8. wickedortega- santana
9. brooklynmet- uggla
10. chris- myers
11. axemanohio- dye
12. thingsarefunnerhere- colvin
13. greg- glaus


  1. Alright,since the Robinson is taken:
    1. Tulo
    2. Lincecum
    3. Felix Hernandez
    4. Holliday
    5. Carlos Santana
    6. Dan Uggla
    7. Tyler Colvin
    8. Billy Butler

  2. Lincecum, please. Thanks!

  3. 1) Lincecum
    2) Hernandez
    3) Tulowitzki
    4) Holliday
    5) Santana

  4. Argh! Frank!!!

    With great apologies to the gentleman picking behind me, this is my highest pick so far and I just have to go with this guy here.


  5. Whoever gets the Hernandez before me, I'd like to trade for it :)


  6. I should clarify that my choices after Frank are:
    1. Lincecum
    2. Hernandez
    3. Tulowitzki

    It appeared the first two are gone at my pick. Thanks.

  7. In the interest of keeping things going I will go with the Myers (even though I cannot stand him) and if that isn't available I'll yield to whatever card Greg does not want.

  8. Whom ever takes that McCann please let me know, I want that card bad and will try to work out a trade for it!

  9. GRRR, that Tulo was the main reason I joined this break to begin with. But no worries, we will have to work out a deal later on though.

    I will go ahead and take the McCann and Derek contact me.

  10. Oh and I apologize if I came off like a jerk and/or sore loser. Unintentional to say the least. Just coming off a bad day at work and it sort of bled through.

  11. 1. Santana
    2. Myers
    3. Dye
    4. Glaus


  12. Hiflew: No worries. We'll work something out. It was just by far the best thing available for me so far. Tulo is one of my favorites.

    That said, no worries. I won't hold it hostage. :)

  13. 1.Carlos Santana
    2.Tyler Colvin
    3.Billy Butler

    Thanks gotta win a top spot darn it!!

  14. I'll take the Butler Ginter, thanks :)

  15. Guess I'm down to the Glaus. At least it has a pinstripe...

  16. Ted:

    Potch traded McCann to Hiflew for Tulowitzki


  17. Oh yeah Ted I am also giving him the right to switch picks with me in a future round if that is not too difficult to deal with.

    He deserves something extra for my whining :)

  18. Guys:

    We're moving out of state tomorrow and in a few hours our Internet will be shut down. Given everything going on, I could end up causing a couple of day delay here.

    If the next round is posted in the next couple of hours, I'll be able to list my preferences so hopefully the delay I'll cause will be minimal.

    Apologies in advance if I hold up things too long.

  19. Ted, I traded Concepcion to Potch for cards not in the break
    -Tim 'Axemanohio'