Friday, June 10, 2011

i've got it (group break update!)

The idea for what I want to do with the group break. For anyone interested in participating in what I went over yesterday, I figured out the best (I think) way to go about it. Let me go over the details again quick:

$25 for one slot. Each slot contains 11 (yes, I upped it one more) cards. You may purchase more than one slot, up to two (down from three).

Here is the breakdown of cards:

3 autos, with at least one being on-card.

8 relics, one will be serial numbered and one will be a multi relic (anywhere from two to four pieces).

Ok, that is what I went over yesterday, essentially. Now the new idea. What I will do is post up a scan of X amount of cards (X being the number of slots sold). Those who are in will choose a card from those cards and it will pass to the next person. So an example being if I fill 7 slots, I'll post a scan of seven cards, randomize the list of the 7 participants and have you each pick one in that random order until the cards are gone. I'll randomize a list of the participants for each round so its fair to everyone.

There will be six rounds, here is what you will choose:

The on-card auto
The numbered relic
The multi-relic
Three regular relics

The rest will be random. I figure there is a good amount of surprise still plus it would eliminate any need for trading, unless you do decide to trade amongst yourselves, but let me know of any changes. I suppose this way is kind of draft-y but I feel it works. Let me know what you think and if you are interested and I'll take it from there.


  1. MM138 - do you have any additional slots available? I'm interested in participating. What's the next step? My schedule is hectic, though. Will the 'draft' be a real time event that takes a block of time or will the list be passed around and selections made via email?

    Great idea, though - good thinking! I hope it works out. Let me know (

  2. Payment mailed! Great idea by the way