Saturday, June 18, 2011

round five (and a 'huh?')

Round five. One round remaining after this one. Here we have the numbered relics:

Remember, if you guys make some deals amongst yourselves, let me know so I can swap the cards to your names on previous posts (and so I can keep track).

1 wickedortega- braun
2 nathan- sutter
3 chris- ramirez (trade to benny for hernandez rd4)
4 brooklynmet- rasmus
5 ba benny- vlad
6 ryan- mccann
7 axemanohio- sizemore
8 greg- hardy
9 kevin- mauer
10 thingsarefunnerhere- jones
11 commishbob- uggla
12 potch- willingham
13 hiflew- kazmir

Here is the 'huh?' portion.

I'm not sure if anyone noticed this but while sorting out series 2 by teams I came across this:

For some reason he has two cards in series 2. The backs are identical, with the exception of the card number and picture. Weird. How does this happen? This is totally another spot that a different Rockie pitcher could have taken. The only other time I've noticed this before was in 2007, when Topps issued two identical (completely identical) cards for Bengie Molina, one in each series (cards 4 and 342). At least Hammel has a different picture on each card.


  1. I'll list my order after this brief message. Reminder that I'm moving out of state tomorrow. Internet shut down in two hours so I'm afraid I'll be holding you all up for the next round - at least a day. Saturday will be a wash. Should be able to access Internet again at some point Sunday. Thanks everyone. Apologies.

    Many thanks Ted for hosting an excellent event here (even if I continue

    1. Braun
    2. Mauer
    3. Sutter
    4. Sizemore
    5. Vlad
    6. A. Ramirez
    7. McCann
    8. Dan Uggla
    9. Andruw Jones
    10. JJ Hardy
    11. Rasmus
    12. Willingham
    13. Kazmir

  2. 1)Sizemore

  3. 1) Vlad
    2) Ramirez
    3) Sutter
    4) McCann
    5) Braun

  4. 1. Braun
    2. Ramirez
    3. Sutter
    4. Rasmus

  5. 1. Sutter
    2. Ramirez
    3. Braun


  6. Hey Chris, you just decided to be the opposite of me! Hahahaha

  7. Braun

  8. sutter please, thanks :)

  9. 1. Mauer
    2. McCann
    3. Uggla
    4. Sizemore

  10. The McCann, please - thanks!

  11. Yeah I noticed the two Hammels also. The second one is the same as the one in the boxed team set. I think #338 was supposed to be someone else, but they screwed it up. I will try and figure out what happened and post about it on my site. A Rockie controversy for me to investigate, I love it.

  12. I'll go Hardy. (Sorry Bob)

    Verification word ; repickee (an omen?)

  13. Its ok, GCA. I'm bound to get an Oriole before this thing is done.

  14. Jones, please. Sorry if I held things up!