Friday, June 24, 2011

ding! fries are done!

Well the break is anyway, I'm not sure about the fries. I'd like to thank everyone for joining up and partaking in the fun! What I need from each of you now, is an email. Please entitle the email 'Break address' for my convenience. All I need in said email is your address and your favorite team. I want to include some extra cards in everyone's package of their favorite team. If you have a blog or wantlist, send that along with it and maybe I can hit some of that too. If I can't I'll just do some favorite team cards. Even if I know your team or address, I would still like an email, it is just going to make getting these 13 packages out that much easier. I thank you in advance for it. Regular posts will resume now that this is all finished. To everyone that watched along with us participating, maybe I'll do something like this again when my relic stash gets overwhelming again. Or maybe something else entirely. Who knows. So send those emails when you guys can and I'll get the cards out soon.

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