Monday, June 20, 2011

round six (final?)

Here we are. The home stretch. Maybe. I am going to take a consensus about another possible round. Remember I was going to pick a random card to add to each lot that dealt with auto/relics, that octo relic, the silk, etc. Instead of it being random, would you guys like to pick it? It seems like the picking is going really well and you all seem to enjoy what's going on here. Let me know in your comment after you pick your card from this round. Just say either 'random' or 'pick' and since there are 13 of you there will definitely not be a tie. Oh and for this round just keep it simple. Say you want the triple Brewer relic, just say 'Brewer triple', no need to spell out all the names on the card. On with the picks:

1 potch- yount
2 hiflew- beltre
3 commishbob- ballpark quad
4 thingsarefunnerhere- halladay/burnett
5 kevin- oswalt
6 greg- opc triple
7 axemanohio- brewers triple (winning trios)
8 ryan- nettles/ramirez
9 babenny- i rodriguez
10 brooklynmet- glavine/billingsley
11 chris- clark/morneau
12 nathan- loney
13 wickedortega- angels dual


  1. 1. Halladay
    2. Oswalt
    3. Brewers relic
    4. Yount

    I like picking, but I'm fine going with the concensus if that is how it turns out.

  2. First of all I want to say thanks for this draft. It's far exceeded my expectations and it's probably been the most fun I've had since discovering the online card community.

    As for my vote, I would definitely prefer to draft the next round (in fact, I would prefer to draft as many rounds as's always better to choose than to random, in my opinion). My perfect scenario would be to draft every round and then have a day or two for trades, but I realize that that may not be possible.

    Anyway, it's been a fantastic draft regardless, so thanks Monkeys!

    I'll post my picks in a bit.

  3. 1) ballpark Collection featuring Adam Jones (sounds like a musical group)

    casting a vote for draft I suppose

  4. I vote for another draft round. Otherwise, I was going to send along my preferences as far as teams, player collections, prefer veterans over rookies, etc. to give you guidelines for the stuff you pick.
    My thanks as well for this break and pioneering the concept as well.

    And I'll mention that I'll trade anything I have for the Mel Ott from earlier (even 2 for 1), and
    the Matusz is available...

  5. I think I'll vote for the draft as long as there are two more rounds so that those people unlucky in the first round get the benefit of a second round. Otherwise, I'd prefer randomness the rest of the way.

    Here is my order:
    1. Yount
    2. Glavine Billingsly
    3. Beltre
    4. Pudge
    5. Nettles Ramirez
    6. Clark Morneau
    7. Oswalt
    8. Loney

  6. Since I ceded my 1st pick to potch I will choose 2 and no pressure whatsoever because there is nothing I HAVE to have.

    1. Yount
    2. Beltre

    (I like the Halladay too, but I want to trade with Julie again later and she might kill me lol)

  7. Oh yeah forgot to vote...I agree with brooklynmet random unless its two rounds.

  8. I really want that Nettles/Rameriez dual. If that's gone when it gets to me I will make up a list. I vote for more draft rounds as long as we get to snake draft for 2 rounds as I keep gettin randomed to the bottom of the list. Thanks for a great draft so far.

  9. Hello there...

    I'm here. Thanks Johnny.

    I have to pick Robin Yount.

    I vote for draft (as long as it's two more rounds). I'm actually fine with drafting the rest of the way, if that's on the table. No biggie though and thanks again for hosting this. Great fun!

  10. Oswalt quad

    I'd draft if there were two rounds.

  11. 1) Nettles/Ramirez
    2) Brewers triple
    3) Ivan Rodriguez
    4) Glavine/Billingsly
    5) Clark/Morneau

  12. I'll go with the OPC triple to go with my set I'm still building (blacks too.)

  13. Hey Kevin, if you aren't glued to the Oswalt I would love to trade for it if I have something comparable that you might like more! Just let me know if you are interested and if you are what players/teams you like. If not, no big deal :-)

    @hiflew, lol. We could trade again if you chose the Halladay, but I'd have to bend the corners of all the Rockies cards I sent you, haha.

  14. No, I'm not too attached to the Oswalt. I collect the 1960 Topps Set, but its understandable if you don't have any lying around. After that, I'm a huge Red Sox fan, so any cards of current or past Sox are good.

  15. I think the Yount was the first pick.

  16. Sorry about that, I'll take the winning trios

  17. I'll take the Nettles/Ramirez, please.

    Further drafts are fine with me as long as, like everybody's saying, we continue in two-round batches for the list-reversal.

    Great break, Ted. THANK YOU. Really enjoyable and I betcha we'll see more of these pop up. Can you trademark this thing?

  18. 1. Clark/Morneau
    2. Loney

  19. I'll take the Clark/Morneau

    I say random. Stick to your original guns my man! If we pulled exactly what we wanted all the time, there would be no trading, collecting, or doing stuff like this. As a wise man once told me "you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need". You're doing a great job, random away, no picks!


  20. Awesome! I can't believe I ended up with that Glavine Billingsly even with such a late pick!