Friday, June 10, 2011

I know its late but...

The slots are filled and I will post the first batch of cards to be chosen tomorrow morning. I should have them up around 11 am eastern time, sorry its early for you west-coasters.

I did manage to fill each available slot and I know I've beat this to death but here is the breakdown:

13 cards:

2 autos (I choose at random)
1 on-card auto (you choose)
6 relics (you choose 3, I random 3)
1 numbered relic (you choose)
1 multi-relic (you choose)
1 a manu-relic (UD Icons letters namely, random)
1 secret surprise card that could be anything from a silk card to printer's plate to octo relic to an auto'd relic. Good stuff assured. These you also don't get to see and will be randomized at the end right before I ship the cards out.

Again, I'll put up the cards to choose from along with the randomized list of the 13 of you. You choose in order of how the list comes out in the form of a comment until all 13 of you have picked your card. Once they are done, I'll do it again.

I plan on doing the picks in this order:

regular relic
regular relic
regular relic
on-card auto
numbered relic

Essentially getting better as we go along. Overall it'll be a lot of fun and it should go quite smoothly. Until tomorrow (today really)!

1-Kevin (money in mail)
2-Axemanohio (Tim, paid)
3-BrooklynMet (Jason, paid)
4-Potch (Darren, paid)
5-Anonymous Ryan (paid)
6-Nathan (paid)
7-Chris (paid)
8-Greg (GCA, paid)
9-Commishbob (Robert, paid)
10-BABenny (Mike, paid)
11-Thingsarefunnerhere (Julie, paid)
12-hiflew (Johnny, paid)
13-wickedortega (paid)

1 comment:

  1. Ted,
    This sounds great. Just one note, I'll do my best not to hold up anything but I am doing some traveling to set up for our move, etc. I don't think it will hold us up as I'll be stopping here and there for WiFi for work, but just an FYI in case I'm temporarily MIA. Thanks.