Wednesday, June 15, 2011

round three

I've decided to mix it up a bit and instead of doing the third regular relic, I'm doing the on-card auto. The BrooklynMet informed me that he and Axemanohio had conducted a trade. Thats great! If you guys want to trade thats fine by me of course, just let me know when you do and I'll update the pick posts to keep track. Now, on to round three:

Here is the list for this round:

1. Greg- Matusz
2. Thingsarefunnerhere- Rizzotti
3. Axemanohio- Concepcion (to potch in outside trade)
4. Chris- Texeria
5. BrooklynMet- Francis
6. wickedortega- Pagan
7. Nathan- Willingham
8. Commishbob- Sammons
9. hiflew- Cate
10. Potch- Manzella
11. BABenny- Stewart
12. Ryan- Durango
13. Kevin- Thompson

Again, I'll update as soon as I get the comments.


  1. Random dot org is kicking my butt. That's ok though since I get a good pick next round.

  2. 1. Kanekoa Texeira
    2. Concepcion
    3. Matusz
    4. Francis


  3. 1. Francis (please let it fall to me, but I understand if not)
    2. Concepcion
    3. Matusz
    4. Pagan
    5. Sammons
    6. Rizzotti
    7. Texeira
    8. Willingham
    9. Cate

  4. Well I'm excited for the fourth round...

  5. Looks like the Oriole and Concepcion will be gone so someone can throw a dart at their screen on my behalf when my turn comes up. ;-)

  6. 1)Concepcion

  7. I'd love to work out a deal for Concepcion. Sigh.

  8. I'm going to go with
    1. Matusz
    2. Francis
    3. Willingham

  9. Gotta go with my boy Matusz. Saw him pitch in Frederick and then make his debut in Detroit. And besides, I only know two of the other players...

  10. 1. Francis (sorry hiflew, I really dont think hell slide to me either but hes tops on my list as well and the only canadian in the lot)
    2. Concepcion
    3. Pagan
    4. Willingham
    5. Durango
    6. Brian Matusz
    7. Texeira

  11. 1) The Marlins guy on the bottom right (sorry I cant make out a name on my laptop).
    2) Sammons
    3) Use Nathan's list LOL

  12. No apology necessary Nathan (even if you did get it). I'm sure I can find that card cheap enough somewhere. And I never expected it to fall to me anyway.

  13. Pagan please

  14. 1-Stewart

    Goodnight, gentlemen......

  15. Tommy Manzella, please.

  16. Sorry guys..I should have sent a list but didn't expect to be out of pocket the past 5 hours. BA: I did a refresh but didn't for some reason see your post here until mine posted. If your heart is set on Manzella, let me know. I suspect you don't much care but just in case. Thanks.

  17. It's cool Potch, I am grabbing trade bait this low in the order so I'm fine with the Stewart