Friday, June 10, 2011


Now! I am going ahead and starting this break. Sign ups begin as of this post and will conclude once all spots are filled or by the end of Sunday night. The quicker we fill 'em, the quicker I can start.

Here is what I need from you, the participant:

Send the $25 via Paypal (use the 'gift' option, and in US dollars) to my email address (krustytheclown138ATyahooDOTcom and leave a comment on here saying that you are signed up and ready to go. I can fill up to 12 slots and have some great bonuses if I hit all 12. I will update the slots as you guys claim them. If you need any details, please don't hesitate to email me, or check my past two posts about this whole shebang.

Here is another quick breakdown of what we will do:

$25 gets you:

11 cards; 3 autos and 8 relics.

Out of the three autos one will be on-card, and chosen by you (more on that in a second). The other two will be chosen randomly by me.

Out of those 8 relics, you will choose 5. Those include 3 of the regular relics, 1 numbered relic and 1 multi-relic. The other 3 will be chosen randomly by me.

This statement below is null now as all slots have been filled (with an extra now), so there will definitely be the two bonus cards added in!
If all 12 slots are filled, I will add an additional 2 cards. One will be one of those Upper Deck Icons manu-letters and the other will be something awesome. When I say awesome, I mean a printers plate, an octo-relic, a couple auto/relics and other goodies along those lines.

How it will work:

Once I have a final number of participants, I will post up a selection of cards and you will choose them in the order you were picked. To pick the names, I will use that fancy to randomize all the names and get a picking order from that. You will need to check the blog here fairly often to keep up with what is going on. It'll all work better once I start, I have a tough time explaining things here.

So sign up now and let me know so I can add you to the list below here.

1-Kevin (money in mail)
2-Axemanohio (Tim, paid)
3-BrooklynMet (Jason, paid)
4-Potch (Darren, paid)
5-Anonymous Ryan (paid)
6-Nathan (paid)
7-Chris (paid)
8-Greg (GCA, paid)
9-Commishbob (Robert, paid)
10-BABenny (Mike, paid)
11-Thingsarefunnerhere (Julie, paid)
12-hiflew (Johnny, in-transit)
13-(held for wickedortega)

I have torn through my relics, or what little is left of them and have added a 13th and final slot. I simply do not have the cards to add any more after this but it's good to get as many as possible going here. Once Wicked joins the fray, I'll post up the first batch of cards and we can get choosing!!!


  1. Kevin- I saw your latest comment on the previous post and I've added you to the list here.

  2. Sign me up!

    Tim 'Axemanohio'

    Money on the way thru Paypal

  3. Oh yea! my paypal name is thhenterprises

  4. Alright, I'm in, but please don't tell my girlfriend, she'll kill me :P

  5. A couple of questions:

    a) paypal gift?

    b) CDN or USD?

    c) Hiflew mentioned this already: will there be a portion at the end of the break before you mail where we can trade our cards with each other?

  6. Yes, Paypal gift. US dollars, and I won't tell her. I added the selecting process to try and eliminate the need for trading but maybe when its all done we can think of something if needed.

  7. I'm in, Monkey - put me down. Headed to PayPal right now (

  8. alrighty - I ( have just submitted the payment. Does this make us pioneers?

  9. Potch Wheeler is in! Money on the way.

  10. Kinda. As long as no one tears up the map!

  11. (laugh) Good point. You can switch my name over to Ryan LaMonica if you like - that may lessen any confusion with the whole anonymous tag.

  12. Ryan- It's ok, I have it all written down in front of me to, just to keep track. Plus I have your names here (on paper) so I can make piles of cards for what goes where.

  13. I am paid up, and good to go.


  14. I'm in! It's annoying that most box breaks that I want to build sets from are team based. This is even better than a high end box break...

  15. I'm paid and ready

    my paypal will be from 'randrews11@....etc")


  16. I'm in please! Payment coming.

  17. Ok, is spot 11 still open? Let me know and I complete the list, and get us all an additional 2 cards :-)

  18. Yep, slot 11 is definitely still open.

  19. Well shoot I guess I was a little too slow on the draw. Oh well maybe next time. Good luck with the break everyone and whoever gets that Tulo jersey card hit me up for a trade. I'll take care of you.

  20. Wicked in! Paypal sent!!