Monday, June 13, 2011

round one (update)

Only three cards left! The final three picks of round one are as follows:

wickedortega- Maybin
BA Benny- Zambrano
Nathan- Jones

Pick your card below and once all the cards are claimed, I'll start round two. For round two I plan on reversing the list, so those who picked last will pick first and those who picked first will pick last. Keep checking! Oh and if you do a list of your say top 6 picks and you are picking sixth and just tell me to claim you the highest ranked card, that works great. A couple of you have done that already and I think it worked well. It allowed me to move the picks faster because I know its not a race and we all have lives outside of blogland so we may not be able to check as frequently as we like. See the rest of the post right under this for the remaining cards and who claimed what.

Round one, featuring regular relics:

Here was the order spit out:

1. thingsarefunner- Oswalt
2. hiflew- Holliday
3. kevin- Smoltz
4. commishbob- Hammels
5. chris- Fielder
6. axemanohio- Piazza (trade w/brookmet for mauer rnd2)
7. potch- Hoffman
8. brooklynmet- Kinsler
9. greg- Zimmerman
10. ryan- Phillips
11. wickedortega- Maybin
12. babenny- Zambrano
13. nathan- Jones

To pick your card, see the above two pictures (you can click on them for a bigger view), choose which card you like and leave a comment stating the card. Also, check the comments above you to see what has been picked so far, so we don't get people picking the same card. There are 13 cards so one for everyone. Start your pickin'!


  1. In the interest of keeping from maybe slowing things and since I'm 4th I'll list four and you can just give me the highest available when my turn comes if that's ok.


    This is fun btw. Never done something like this. Reminds me of my fantasy draft.


  2. In the same spirit of commish, here's my list


  3. Not a part of this break, but if the person that picks the Ginter Kinsler bat relic wants to trade it away, I'm sure I can find something to offer. Drop me a line.

  4. Oswalt, please. Is that all I need to do right now?

  5. Same spirit as the others.

    1.) Smoltz
    2.) Hammels

  6. I'll take Fielder please

  7. Hey fellas, just want to time stamp & make sure I'm refreshing okay - I'm on an Anniversary weekend w/ the Mrs.! Hope everyone's having fun (thanks for the contest, Crinkly)

  8. Trevor Hoffman. (Yikes, this went fast. Sorry guys, daddy/daughter day - gone since about the time this kicked off.)

  9. Mumford & Sons show in a couple hours - in case it saves some time:

    1- Phillips
    2- Zambrano

    I'll check back in tonight, guys. Good luck!

  10. Sorry if I held up the works... Zimmerman please.

  11. Just to help move it along.

    1 Zambrano
    2 Maybin

    Does this mean I pick second in the next round?

  12. I was actually going to do just that. I was going to flip the list so it would be in reverse.

  13. Maybin please

  14. With the final pick Canadian Cardboard proudly selects Jacque Jones!