Friday, July 1, 2011

topps diamonds

I can't really say I had high hopes for the Topps Diamond Giveaway. After last years Million Card Giveaway and the lack of great things I pulled from that, I expected more of the same. More 1993, 1988 and 2007 Topps were on their way to my digital file. Well, I did end up with those but I also ended up with a few diamond die cuts. I managed to trade them away, plus pretty much all of my other cards (until I had all five I needed anyway) that I unlocked to trade for the Blue Jays team set:

I had mentioned before that the Hill came off of eBay, cheap. The other five I traded for on the site. I took delivery of these on Wednesday night and I received them today. An awesome turn around rate for Topps. Well actually I've always gotten things from the very quick. Probably helps that they are in New York and I'm here in Connecticut. Oh, I also unlocked this guy too:

I figured I would take him too. Why not right? I haven't decided if he is for traded, although I haven't run into any Twins fans either. All thats left in my account now is about 15 cards I want nothing to do with and 58 different rings (missing Mantle and Ruth, which is not rare btw but people refuse to trade it). I also took delivery of the anniversary set but they said it won't ship until August. Still no idea what it is.