Friday, July 15, 2011

round one

Let's start this thing! Fire it up! Benny, I still need your payment but I know you're good for it so whenever you can get it over here is good. Let's start with some early 60's Topps cards:

1960 to 1963 in fact. This will work the same way as last time, I'll have an order here and just go right along with your picks. If you want to make the list again, feel free. Makes things easier if you think you may not be able to get to check up at a later time.

1-hiflew- cardenas
2-diamond king- bressoud
3-commishbob- callison
4-ba benny- kindall
5-ryan- schilling


  1. 1) callison
    2) bressoud
    3) cardenas

  2. Sorry for the delay guys, I didn't know it would start so fast. Payment sent Ted.

  3. Cardenas please. Sorry for the delay...just got back from work.