Monday, July 18, 2011

round eight

Whew, last round was a doozy. Please check which card I associated with your name just to make sure I read everything right. Ok, now we're down to the nitty gritty here, the vintage Hall of Famer round:

Really, you cannot lose with any of these cards, just great all around guys.

1- ba benny- kaline
2- diamond king- mathews
3- ryan- aparicio 65
4- hiflew- robinson
5- commishbob- aparicio 62


  1. BAB has graciously swapped picks with me. I like the Mathews the best, but I will pick the Frank Robinson do DK can get a Mathews.

  2. Hiflew!! If you want the Matthews, take it! I do appreciate the generous thought though!

  3. No it was a complete 50/50 for made the decision easier. Enjoy the Mathews.

  4. I'll takethe '65 Aparicio, please. First '65, first Aparicio.....thanks, Ted!

  5. Everyone got a cool card this round. I'd have picked to '62 Looie if I'd have had the first pick since it was the one I don't have so I'm happy that it fell to me.