Thursday, July 7, 2011

an update, of sorts

I have been rather busy as of late, hence the lack of a post in about a week. Also the lack of sending out the break cards. Right now, what is going on is work has finally gone back to a full 40 hours. We'll see how long it lasts, which most likely won't be too long, as it is convention season so we usually get pretty mobbed with work around then. I am also helping my wife's aunt and uncle redo their deck. They decided to buy the wood, get the wife's father (the man knows everything about carpentry, machines and pretty much everything else) and do it themselves. I don't blame them, they will end up saving around $7000. All it takes is a little sweat and hard work from the five of us and it is all good. They have been very good to us, so we could do nothing but help in anyway we can. So there we have it. That's what is going on. Right now I have half of the break packages finished. I plan on doing a few more tonight and the rest tomorrow, to have them all sent out on Saturday morning. The business explained above plus me taking my time with these (so I don't screw anything up), and pulling the extra cards makes me behind. Fear not, they will be sent Saturday. I am also selling a few things on eBay (here.) and if you see anything you like, let me know. If you'll notice, the Heritage set is up. I am giving up trying to finish it off, it's too much hassle. I know now for next year not to buy too much and feel as if I have to finish. There is also the Bowman set I quietly finished also due to me buying too much. I have also cut back on purchases severely due to lack of funds/interest. Thankfully I have enough series 2 and there isn't much else on the horizon. I have seen some previews of Tier One, that is due out in November. Looks OK but seems like its a sequel to Tribute and will probably be just as (if not more) expensive. It DOES have on-card autos though. All of the autos are. I guess that is a good selling point but then again, shouldn't they all be? I mean, I understand why Topps uses stickers. It's just way easier. Get Hank Aaron to sign a thousand of them and you can use his signature all year round in 12 different products, then you can leave him alone throughout the year. It's excellent business but they look pretty ugly. Thankfully they have switched to the white-ish/clear stickers, which look a little better. Oh and one last thing. If I have any current pending trades with any of you, I will address them next week when things slow up a little. If we were in the middle of a deal you'll probably see an email from me shortly.


  1. Got my stuff yesterday, thanks!

    Greg A

  2. Got mine as well. Thanks, Ted. Appreciate the Oriole stuff. My post-2000 Orioles collection has been pretty sad and you gave it a big boost, thanks!!