Saturday, July 16, 2011

some luck

Well, I know that I hadn't intended on buying much Allen & Ginter but I picked up a few packs at my local Target today and was impressed with what I saw. The cards look way better than online. So I headed to my lcs to pick up a box. The Soriano above came out of it. Yep, thats the wood mini, numbered 1/1. A 1:3436 odds pull. The three relics I got were pretty pedestrian but this made up for it. Its on eBay right now, so if you come across it, that's me.

Back to the break, I still need Benny's pick and I can start the third round but no rush, it's going quite smoothly.


  1. Fantastic pull, congrats! Hope you make bank on the Bay!


  3. Thanks guys. Yep, there it is. Beat me to it.