Sunday, July 17, 2011

round six

Movin' at the speed of light! On to 1953-1956 vintage:

A Bowman!

1- ryan- diering
2- hiflew- thompson
3- ba benny- garver
4- commishbob- lepcio
5- diamond king- paula


  1. Hiflew or BA any interest in trading the garver if you get it?

  2. It's a tough one - I don't have a Brooklyn Dodger or a '54 Topps in my collection yet. However, I do collect WW2 vets SO - how about some good will? Hiflew, enjoy the Thompson!

    And even though I'm a Navy guy - I'll take Private First Class Diering (US Army, Pacific Theater). Also glad he's not a RedSox, whew!

    Great round, Ted. Really enjoying the draft.....

  3. Thanks Ryan very sporting, but I would've been just as happy with the Garver.

    55 Bowman is possibly my favorite set ever. Great round Ted.

    Let me know if you want something I can help you with later.

  4. Very cool of you Ryan, your generous gesture trickles down to me and I get my first ever true Bowman. A2 Wolverine, I was planning to keep it but if you were to come hard at it I could be pursuaded to trade it.

  5. BA, let me stock up some New York trade bait. I'll get back at you soon.

  6. Commish - I'm a fan of getting cards to those who might appreciate them the most. I'm a Yankees fan first, so let me know if you have any old pinstripes laying around. Always open to ideas!