Saturday, July 16, 2011

round three

The Soriano I just posted about is here if you would like to see it on the 'Bay. This does actually mark my first true 1 of 1 pull. I don't know if I really consider printing plates to be true 1 of 1's (as many collectors don't) but they are still kinda cool to pull. Of course even that has only happened twice. One was a Jose Reyes from 2010 Chicle and the other was a 2011 Ruben Tejada from Gypsy Queen. I know, both Mets. Weird. Anyway, we are on to round three. This round will be the autos of non-scrubs. At least I think they aren't anyway. Oh, and if McCutchen is a scrub (I honestly don't know, I know nothing of the Pirates), then he is only in here because Opening Day autos are 1:746 pulls. It's crazy.

1- commishbob- kemp
2- hiflew- feliz
3- diamond king- mccutchen
4- ryan- billingsley
5- ba benny- ruiz


  1. Soriano 1/1

    What? I can't have the soriano? Whatkindadraftisthis??!!

  2. McCutchen
    Just wanted to make a pick but it's scraps for me this time. What round is next?

  3. I think it's the 1/1 round next, Benny!

  4. Kemp. Sorry DK, he's the guy I'm familiar with.

  5. No worries whatsoever...I just picked the Kemp because it would have been the easiest to trade.

  6. I'll go with the Billingsley -