Saturday, July 30, 2011


As I sit here sorting out the cards of what will become the team lot break, I check the net every now and then to see what is going on with the trade deadline, which ends tomorrow. Some pretty big trades have gone down so far. Hunter Pence to the Phillies (do they even have room for 'good' players any more?), only adding great strength to their already stellar line-up. Colbey Rasmus was traded to the Blue Jays after a huge 8 player deal between three teams. It's almost too bad they couldn't keep Edwin Jackson, seeing as how they can use some pitching power. Alas, the higher ups wanted Rasmus (still don't know how I feel about it yet) and Rasmus they got. Carlos Beltran is now a Giant and it seems that the Mets are slowly dismantling their team (Francisco Rodriguez went to the Brewers a few weeks back) but will probably end up being for the better. Who knows who else will be moving on. The remaining hours in the deadline should surely produce some good (bad?) trades.

Now, onto other, more local things. I have shipped EVERYTHING out to you guys waiting on stuff. The last draft break, the claimed sets, it is all sent out as of this morning. While I am also sorting out these cards, I'd like to propose the next break I hinted at on Wednesday. No, not the team break. This break involves unopened packs. I have unopened Topps flagship packs from 1982 to 2010. Series 1 and 2 if a year had series' (1993 to now) and both types from 1991 (wax paper and plastic) for a total of 48 packs. What I want to do is have 4 participants, at $20 a slot. For the price of a blaster, each participant will end up with 12 packs (and a surprise at the end). I'll do it draft style but will go chronologically, as it will make it more fair. I checked which packs will be with which and it ends up working out pretty well. If you are interested in this, let me know in the comments. First four get in and once the four are confirmed I'll let you know what to do next (it'll work out the same, Paypal, etc). The team break will probably end up happening in a couple weeks, once I've sorted out everything and gotten organized.

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