Wednesday, July 13, 2011

sign-ups? maybe?

Ok, I knew it wouldn't be 'internet crashing' interest in my proposed draft/break (maybe we should dub it a 'group draft break' and call it a day) and I know fifty bucks is a bunch of cash. I would like to stress however, that this one will be much bigger in scope and will include better overall cards, as opposed to just random relics. I'm culling most of the bulk of this break from my personal collection (see yesterday's picture; the 67 Kaline, Cal pants relic, Tulo relic, Santo relic, etc.) because I wanted to make it really worth the money. Plus well, drafting 100 year old cards is just plain crazy. I left the number of people at four to make it that much more special. I might, MIGHT be able to stretch it to five but I'll have to do some real pulling of strings here with my collection and what I've pulled and what I wouldn't mind parting with. If I can make it to accommodate another slot, I will lower the cost to $40. I know Ginter is dropping as we speak and that is always hugely popular, so I am directly competing with that, I suppose.


While writing this post, I checked to see if I would be able to pull off a fifth slot, and I can say that I definitely can. So here is how it works, just another small summary:

Same guidelines as last time, random picks from the posted cards.

Nine rounds:
1- relic - 2011 All-Star
2- relic - Hall of Famer
3- relic - An overall great that may soon be in the Hof, or could be (Santo, Thome, etc.)
4- vintage - 1953-1956 (the big card years)
5- vintage - 1957-1959
6- vintage - 1960-1963
7- vintage - Hall of Famer card
8- auto - Good players, or at least decent ones
9- T-206 - Your choice of one of five 100 year old cards

I will also include 3 relics and 2 autos of my choosing (like last time). This is pretty the absolute end to my relic/auto collection that isn't in my personal collection (and even some of those too), until I manage to pull some more or pick some up at a show. Also, with the extra fifth slot, I am lowering the entry to $40. I'll start sign-ups now but you can wait on payment. I want to see if I can get five people first before all that happens.

1- commishbob (paid)
2- Ryan (paid)
3- hiflew (paid)
4- BA Benny
5- The Diamond King (paid)

Again, it'll be well worth the cost of entry (the 206 alone is almost that) and it'll be super fun and will be much quicker with less people. If you are interested, simply leave a comment and I'll place your name up there. First five get in!


  1. Crinkly, you ran a great draft last time and were more than generous with the extras, etc. Put me down for this one!

    Interestingly, it just so happens that I've started my T-206 Yankees (New York, American) team set, and I'm up to 3 (gotta start somewhere). So I am hoping there's a "Highlander" in the bunch! Either way, looking forward to it.

    Thanks for running a great draft -

  2. I enjoyed the last one, so let's do this thing again.

  3. Will pay Friday morning.

  4. I'll jump in again, sounds like fun.

  5. Just one more, (if commishbob is still in) and we can start this thing up! Ryan, as with the last one, this one will have it's extras as well. What, I have no idea but something. Hiflew, paying Friday is good. Everyone else, if you want to pay now, that is fine. Use the same email address (krustytheclown138(at)yahoo(dot)com, via Paypal using the 'gift' option. If I get all five tonight, I'll start the first round of picks!

    It will be fun, there are many great cards to be had!

  6. I think I can swing it. Believe it or not, the drop from $50 to 40 makes a big difference right now! I'm in if there's room!

  7. You're all in and ready to go. Send the Paypal over, and give me a little bit and I'll have the first round up very shortly. I do not intend to go in the order I mentioned above, that was just to explain what is contained in the break. Although, the 206s will be last.

  8. Payment is in!

  9. I hate that I missed this! Crud is right... Can't wait to see what you guys pull!


  10. Ted, here I am. I'll paypal as soon as I finish this comment. Hope I wasn't holding things up.

  11. Just waiting on Benny's payment and we can get this started!

  12. dammit!! i wanted in!!

  13. My payment is in a lil early Ted...thanks for the patience.