Tuesday, July 26, 2011

downsizing part two

Many sets were claimed yesterday but there are a few left. Here they are:

1994 Upper Deck Collectors Choice- Two retail boxes worth, silver and gold sigs included.

2007 Upper Deck- About 700 or so (I'm just kinda guessing here, its a pretty full 800 ct. box)

2008 Upper Deck- About 150 cards.

2009 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes- 30 or so cards.

2009 Upper Deck Piece of History- 30 or so cards.

2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars- Maybe 50 cards out of 100 card set.

2009 Upper Deck Spectrum- 40 or so cards.

2009 Upper Deck Timeline- 30 or so cards.

2010 Upper Deck- 125 or so cards.

Really what I did was take the sets I had a decent number of cards for, or the sets that seem to have a following, even if they didn't have too many cards (Goodwin, Masterpieces). If none of these are claimed by Thursday, I'll just sort them by team and add them to the other cards that are currently sorted by team (about 2000 cards right now). After Thursday, I'll offer up teams for the picking. I may have an idea of what to do with them too, it may be a break type style. We'll see though.

1 comment:

  1. I'll take all the '09 Spectrum off your hands if either 47 or 63 are in that pile (the last two cards I need from the set). Shoot me an email.