Monday, July 25, 2011

the downsizing process

I think what may be best for this process is to list by sets, then by teams for unclaimed sets. I am not sure on how to work this though. I'll start by listing the sets I have a bunch of cards from and approximately how many.

***claimed***2008-2011 Bowman- These can fill up maybe an 800 count box, I do have some from earlier years too.
***claimed***2007 Fleer Ultra- 250 card set, about 200 here, 201-250 are short prints, I have about 30.

***claimed***2007 Topps- I have an extra full factory set. It is open and in numerical order but is complete.
***claimed***Topps Heritage- All pre-2009 sets, about 200 cards
***claimed***Topps Chrome- Mostly 2008 but some from earlier, about 100 or so. Inserts, refractors, etc.
***claimed***Topps Allen& Ginter and Turkey Red- 2007 to 2009, maybe 40 cards between both brands. I also have plenty of 2011 Ginter I can include too.

***claimed***1990-1992 Upper Deck- Mostly 1990, about 400 cards here.
1994 Upper Deck Collectors Choice- Two retail boxes worth, silver and gold sigs included.
2007 Upper Deck- About 700 or so (I'm just kinda guessing here, its a pretty full 800 ct. box)
2008 Upper Deck- About 150 cards.
***claimed***2008-09 Upper Deck Goudey- 40 or so cards between the two years.
***claimed***2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces- 30 or so cards, two framed parallels.
2009 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes- 30 or so cards.
***claimed***2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions 30 or so cards.
***claimed***2009 Upper Deck Icons- 100 card basic set, maybe missing 2 cards. Some rookie short prints and inserts.
***claimed***2009 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee- About 70 or so, with black bordered parallels
2009 Upper Deck Piece of History- 30 or so cards.
2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars- Maybe 50 cards out of 100 card set.
***claimed***2009 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts- Very close to a full 100 card base set, missing maybe 15 or less. Also a few short prints.
2009 Upper Deck Spectrum- 40 or so cards.
2009 Upper Deck Timeline- 30 or so cards.
2010 Upper Deck- 125 or so cards.

I suppose cost will come down to how much it will be to ship. You can claim what ever sets you'd like and once you're done, I'll figure out a price for shipping, supplies, etc. (boxes and such can get expensive), prices will be very fair.


  1. I'm up for Ginter pre-2011, 09 Goodwin and the Heritage.

  2. '08 Masterpieces for me, please.

  3. I'd go for the 2009 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts-

  4. I'd be up for the '11 Ginter and any Topps Chrome.

  5. I'd be up for the Bowman.

  6. '07 Topps Set and the '09 Upper Deck Icons, if they're still available.....thanks, Ted!

  7. I'd take a swing at the 1990-92 Upper Deck since there will surely be some mustache cards.

  8. I'll take the following

    2008-2009 UD Goudey
    2007 Fleer Ultra
    2009 UD O-pee-chee

    Thanks for the offer.