Friday, July 15, 2011

round two

See? Went by quick like, we'll be done in no time. Obviously due to a smaller amount of people. I really like seeing who picks what card, it really makes it interesting to watch. Anyway, what is up next:

A relic round. The one that I mentioned that guys could or should be in the Hall of Fame. Well, maybe not Burdette but it is a sweet relic.

1- ryan- santo
2- ba benny- murphy
3- commishbob- burdette
4- diamond king- chipper
5- hiflew- thome


  1. I'd love the Murphy, if no one wants it in particular. But no worries either way.

  2. Hard to turn down a pinstripe - I'll take the Santo. Thanks!

  3. Sorry for the delay guys, had to work today and then some pool filter repairs needed to be done. I will go with the Murphy.

  4. Its all good. Life gets in the way of cardboarding sometimes ;)