Monday, February 28, 2011

random pack monday

Time for another round of Random Pack Monday. Today we feature 2004 Topps.

Lets see what we got:

Highlights here being the Ichiro, Pedro 'Own the Game' insert and the checklist. The Jimy Williams card is cool too, as he is a former Jays manager. I kinda like this set, even though its weird having the team name be so dominant on the card front up top and the player's name in little font on the bottom. The little silhouette in the bottom left corner is cool too and different for each player depending on what the picture looks like. This set also has the team logo on the front, like 2011 does, which I missed on the 2010s. I always like the team logo to be on the front of the cards. Don't know why, just a preference.


  1. Yeah the silhouette reminds me of 1976, one of my favorite sets.

    I always the logos on the front too just for team sorting purposes.

  2. Man, Hee Sop Choi was supposed to be awesome.