Friday, February 4, 2011

2011 topps (who isn't sick of it yet?)

Ok, I'm not tired of 2011 Topps yet. As I bust my jumbo box, I am hoping to finish the set off and make a nice dent in the inserts I care enough to finish. Lets find out whats in and whats out, shall we?

Well, this is the reason we buy all this isn't it? The set itself is quite nice with a clean front, great photo quality and well designed back. Hopefully I'll have it complete by tonight.

Topps 60. Nope, won't be collecting these. Kinda boring if you ask me.

Diamond Duos. Won't be doing these either, as I did them last year in the form of Legendary Lineage.

Topps History, or typing in 'Topps' on Wikipedia. Yeah, even though I can just type up Topps on Wikipedia, I would like to see what they have to say on the backs about themselves, so I think these will be collected but not too hard.

Kimball Champions. Oh yeah, these are the best insert set of the entire run. I saw these online and totally wanted to have them all right then and there.

60 Years of Topps and Lost cards. I'll be collecting both these sets but not the original backs. One set to chase of an insert set is enough.

Reprints. I am definitely collecting these, I really like the retro feel to them, plus I'm just a big ol' sucker for old timey reprints.

Topps Town. 50 cards, could care less. I am not collecting these this year, although they do look way better than they have the past two years.

Well, there you have it, some good inserts, and some silly. The inserts I won't be chasing I'll have for trade. As for parallels, I am not collecting those unless they are of Jays. I really like the Diamond parallel, and would want a full set but I know I shouldn't dare do so. Tomorrow I'll show what I got in the hobby box, blaster and packs from yesterday and the jumbo from today.


  1. I ain't gonna be tired of them until I get my hands on some. None at Target, none at Wal-Mart...

  2. If you decide to let the Diamond parallels go let me know. I've got enough Jays to fill up a 250 ct. box I can send you!