Wednesday, February 2, 2011

itching, i tell you

I am home from work on this rainy, snowy day which seemingly everyone in the country is facing at the moment. I've caught up on all your blogs and various posts about 2011 Topps. It has really gotten me itching for some packs. I'd be as excited as that Nintendo 64 kid is above to find some packs at my local Wallymart or Target (btw, if you haven't seen the video in that link there, its hilarious). Unfortunately, my local Target seems to either get things late or just put them out late. When card products get released, I don't see them at my local Target for about two weeks. It really stinks. Wallyworld on the other hand is usually (sometimes) on top of things, although their card section is embarrassingly small. Its seriously just the small rack right before the express line checkout, where candy and other impulse items may be. I guess cards can be an impulse item, I know when I seem them, I want to buy them. Oh yeah, plus its really crummy out right now, so it looks like I'll be going NOWHERE, and just have to deal with my negative 2011 Topps gain. :(

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  1. We aint' got nothin' in Georgia either. I feel your pain.