Monday, February 14, 2011

random pack monday

So here we are with another edition of Random Pack Monday. Hopefully the pack I go with today makes up for the super junk wax pick I presented on Thursday. What do we have today?

1980 Topps. A simple blue wrapper and kind of the beginning of the design they used from 1981 to 1991 for their packs. I don't have much of this set at all. Actually this pack puts me at around 25 ccards from this particular year. Lets see what we got:

Well, nothing too special here. Just an average pack really, minus the Cardinals team card for the personal collection. Dusty Baker and Lee Lacy's awesome hair are the highlights here. I might also like to mention that I like the design of this set. A nice, classic baseball card design, and its close to what 1974 Topps looks like but with angles.

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