Friday, February 18, 2011

contest inspiration

Oh man, you guys are rockin'! An astounding 44 entrants in the 60 years of Topps contest that I presented not 24 hours ago. CRAZY!! Collecting at least one card from every year of Topps was a goal I set way back when I got back into collecting earlier last year. I remember 1962 being one of the final years I needed because for some reason I didn't run across that many at the shows I went to. At least not some common at a good price. Everyone had the high $$ cards. I found one and completed the run. Then I thought to myself that having 9 cards of each year (8 for those bigger 52 through 56 cards) in one binder would be way more awesome than just one of each. Well that was achieved some months ago and I made sure to get 1962 out of the way early. I believe the last year I finished in that project was 1952 but only because they aren't the easiest to find cheap. The binder is great and already has the 2011s in it. I find it really fun to go through and see the changes they made over the years and seeing grow into what we know today. I made a huge HUGE effort to get a bunch of older cards because I like the history behind them and well...old cards are just awesome. I know that many of us collectors work our hobbies on a limited budget, which doesn't always allow us to run out and find 1952 Topps commons for 15 bucks a pop (or more). That's a big part of why I decided to run this contest. Plus the 60 years of Topps insert set was a provoking factor too except my cards here are real. Well, you know what I mean. A few of you guys who commented have blogs that I haven't run across before and now I've added them to my sidebar thingie there. More blogs equals a larger community and trade base. I try to add most all the blogs I can find because I never know if I may have something someone needs to finish off a set or just good for a quick trade. Anywho, thanks for following, plugging and as always, reading. If you haven't entered the contest yet, check out yesterday's post and comment away!

Oh yeah, one last thing. A quick trip to Wal-Mart and one of those $9.99 hanger packs produced this guy:

My first 'diamond sparkle SP'. It isn't for trade yet but if it is, I'll let you guys know.


  1. Nice going. I haven't seen any of this yet.

  2. A blaster, a few retail packs, a retail jumbo, a hobby box and a HTA jumbo - no diamond sparkles for me. Or at least none that I've noticed...

    Anyways, great idea on the contest. I wish Topps did have the 51 set count in their Yo Momma and 60-year promos. Oh, well.

  3. Yeah, this is the first I've seen in person. Only after buying two hobby boxes, one HTA jumbo, numerous hobby and retail packs and two of those $9.99 Wal-Mart hanger packs. One of those had it in it.

    @lifetimetopps: shoot me an email, I have many 1987 Topps and probably some 2010s that I can send over.