Tuesday, February 22, 2011

recent additions

I've busted a lot of 2011 Topps. Probably too much in fact. I can't help it though, it's a great set, plus it's the new kid on the block. Ernie here came from a hobby box I busted recently.

Now, I've seen some of these online, but has anyone else seen them in person yet?

Foil-less base cards. I got these today in one of those $9.99 Wal-Mart packs. They look really weird without the foil.

I also pick this up really cheap off of eBay:

A 1947-66 Exhibits card. I hadn't seen these in person until it came the other day. I found a site that has the distinctions on when these were made. Tom comes from the 1951 series. Here is a comparison with a modern sized card:

They are quite big. It does, however, look really nice displayed.

I did receive two packages in the mail today, one from Derek at Tomahawk Chopping - Cardboard & More!, full of Blue Jays goodness and the other from dayf over at Cardboard Junkie, with some 54 Topps we had discussed. It actually completed a few pages for me, so it was obviously a gigantic help. I am quite thankful for both packages and fit my collecting needs equally but differently. Thanks for the cards guys! Both these guys are Braves fans too...weird.


  1. I gave been quite lucky with my Topps $5 packs this year. Jason Heyward auto and a Rizzuto SP (my first). The SP looks good.

    As for the Exhibits, I've been looking at picking one up off eBay but don't spend much time at it. I've been trying to put together a type-set of the inserts Donruss issued a few years ago. They are nice looking cards.

  2. Glad you liked the cards, hope there was something you can use in there.
    I have pulled a few of the foilless and a few half foil cards. They do look strange.

    I haven't pulled any "hits" or SP's but I love the cards. If you have a lot of extras lying around take a look at my want list to compete the set, maybe we can work something out.