Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So after checking out recent update on the blogroll, sewingmachineguy on cards mentioned the 2010 Gummie Awards presented by Chris Harris over at Stale Gum, and I noticed that my little old blog here had been nominated for 'Best New Card Blog'! While I do not expect to win over The Mojo Beard (its a great blog and very popular), it is an honor none the less to be nominated. Thanks to everyone who made that possible and thanks tremendously for reading. Voting ends on the 15th, so cast your votes now for your favorite sets, blogs, worst sets, gimmicks, etc. Here is that link again: 2010 Gummies


  1. Congrats on the well deserved nomination!

  2. Agreed! You have a fantastic blog and are an AMAZING trading partner!!! Its gonna be a tough choice there... The nomination is amazing enough and winning proved to be the kiss of death for last year's winner... That blog went straight down the crapper... Cheers!