Thursday, February 3, 2011

and the first 2011 card is...

Card #248, Wade LeBlanc. Right after work I went over to the other hobby shop, hoping they'd have the 2011's in stock. They did. I picked up a box and three packs (Wade came from the first of those three packs). Then we made it on over to the Wallymart that is up the road from there (the wife had the car today so I was driven home by a co-worker). I picked up five packs and he bought me a blaster for my birthday (awesome!). I am in the process of opening and sorting right now. I will post the box results and anything else post worthy (and what I think of them), tomorrow. Normally today is reserved for the Random Pack Monday vote but I have something REALLY cool on slate for Monday (no, it's not 2011 Topps...). Until then!


  1. My box hit was in the 2nd pack I opened. Made the rest of the packs kinda boring to open. I did get some great cards however - even a few good Braves!

  2. Dang dude, you've hit 10,000 page views. Freaking Awesome!!! Can't wait for the "monday" post now though.