Thursday, February 24, 2011

cool stuff

While going through the excess 2010 Topps I have lying around to send over to a few of you, I noticed something kind of cool:

These two pictures were taken at the same game. The best way to tell is this guy right here...

Yep, glasses guy showing up under Bill's shoulder and under Corey's elbow. I thought it was pretty cool anyway...

Still, if anyone needs some 2010 Topps to finish up sets, I have plenty here still that I would be willing to send to you to help finish your set. Any series 1, 2 or Update. Send me a message with a list (or just say its on your blog and I'll find it) and your address and I'll get some 2010s out to you. Get 'em now!


  1. Would you check my blog, I'm about 50 short.

  2. Good catch! I love the little things about cards like two cards being from the same game!

  3. I'm short on 2010 too, if you wouldn't mind checking out my blog. I'd be happy to figure something out to send back.

    Unfortunately, from your 2011 want list, I have just one - Scott Cousins. Happy to send it to you. I'd like to be able to find more you might need if you have any more "want" lists somewhere.