Wednesday, February 9, 2011

not into basketball but...

...this set looks great:

10-11 Donruss Basketball, put out by Panini. I saw these online and thought they looked sweet so I picked up a pack at Target today. I really don't know anyone in here, except for Vince Carter. The Trailblazers team card is cool too. The 1984 Donruss baseball design is looking good on these cards. Panini seems to do a lot right in the way of their design and production. It's really too bad that they can't do MLB stuff, I'd love to see what they come up with and how Topps responds. Panini doing baseball would maybe be the kick in the ass that Topps needs to get its act together.

Speaking of Target and Topps, I couldn't ignore the 2011 series 1, so I picked up a few. This is what fell out of a single pack (the best of the three):

Short print and shiny Strasserburger? Yes please!. Wagner also marks short print legend number four that I have pulled from packs (along with Gehrig, Munson and Banks). I have no idea what is going on in the Wagner card but it looks great. I think he is stealing home but he may just be reaching for a penny he may have dropped.

Come MLB, let Panini into the game! Give Topps the push it needs!


  1. I too fell victim to buying the Donruss basketball cards based on the beautiful yet simple design.

    I still can't believe my hobby box didn't yield one SP and you've already pulled 4? Congrats!

  2. Okay, that Blazers team card might have just pushed me over the top in collecting this set.

  3. Colbey- I haven't seen any diamond sparkle variations yet but I'm doing great with the legends SPs.

    madding- Yeah, I thought the team card was pretty awesome too.