Monday, January 31, 2011

random pack monday plus!

So here we are with this weeks winner of the pack pick vote, 1994 Topps Finest series 1. I wasn't really surprised that you guys picked this one as the winner, it's an awesome set. I remember when it first came out, hearing about how packs were going for something absurd like $10 a pack. CRAZY!!!!

Here is what we got, not too shabby really:

Tino Martinez, Juan Gonzalez, Wally Joyner, Darryl Strawberry? This pack would have been a goldmine in 1994. I also didn't know Tom Henke was a Ranger. At least I got a Jay out of it that I don't believe I have yet. And Bryan Harvey. I haven't seen a refractor from this set probably since it came out. I never bought these as a kid, ten bucks was way out of my price range for a pack of cards. Even though it was put out in 1994, can it still be considered 'junk wax'? I mean, where does that era end? Maybe basic stuff is 'junk', while sets like this are still considered to be worth it. No idea, I guess its all subjective.

Now. On to what I was talking about yesterday. As Can't Have Too Many Cards has already mentioned, today has a quite few birthdays:

Jackie Robinson, 1919.

Ernie Banks, 1931.

Nolan Ryan, 1947.

Brad Thompson, 1982.

Yuniesky Betancourt, 1982

...and this guy, also in 1982:

Oh wait. That's me in 1991. Yeah, I played some flag football for the town league that year. They took photos of the team and individually, and the individual ones came with the option to have made into cards. My "rookie" card. I've had this lying around since 1991 and gave it to my wife (then girlfriend) about 3 years ago. She wouldn't sell it for the world (well, maybe...), and considers it the most valuable card ever printed. Take that Honus! Well, its really a photo with a sticker back that has some info on it, like the team (Browns), height, weight, hometown, etc. Just like a real card! Kinda...


  1. Happy birthday! Your twenties will be really cool but you will probably do some very stupid things (I know I did).

  2. Happy Birthday Ted, you share your special day with some all-time greats!

  3. Rookie Card and MVP in the same season! That's Fred Lynn-esque of you...

  4. Happy Birthday!
    Hope it's been a good one.

  5. Wow... you share your bday with some impressive peeps. Happy birthday!

  6. Happy belated birthday. Wish I had someone good on my birthday. Chaka Khan just doesn't cut it.

  7. That's my love :) I love you...and I will NOT...I repeat...will NOT sell your absolutely ADORABLE rookie football way hosay!!!

    PS--Sorry if this comment embarrasses you, in any way. However, as your wife, I feel it is my duty from time to time to do so :p