Thursday, January 27, 2011

pick yer poison round 2

Here we go with another round of pack pickin' fun! This week we have to choose from:

1994 Topps Finest Series 1
2002 Topps Series 2
2003 Topps Series 2
2005 Topps Series 2

Yes, I went with the series 2 theme. The pack with the most votes will be opened up for Monday's random pack and the second place will be opened up Sunday morning. Polls close Sunday morning. Vote now for the one you want to see here on Monday!


  1. 1994 Finest. Anytime you can get some HOFs, you can't go wrong.

  2. Holy Schnikies, Finest!
    The rest throw into a bonfire.

  3. 2003 Topps Series 2. (And if you get any of the 4 cards that I need from that set, please let me know.)

  4. Finest for sure.

    Someone take Kerry's collector card for that comment.