Friday, January 21, 2011

toss me the ball, grandma!

Is it just me, or does Steve here look like someone's grandmother? He looks like an old lady! I apologize to all of Mr. Trout's fans for this observation but I felt it needed to be said. Maybe its just my warped sense of reality, I don't know. I pulled this out of a lackluster pack of 1986 Topps yesterday.

Speaking of packs, be sure to vote on which pack you'd like to see opened up for Monday. Use yesterday's post comments to cast your vote if you have not done so already. Its easier to keep track of if its all done on one post. I'll end voting by the time I wake up on Sunday morning. Maybe what I'll do is bust open the runner-up and save the winner for Monday. Yeah, that sounds like a plan. Vote now!


  1. Maybe Steve will make you a nice sandwich and some lemonade...

  2. In the thumbnail link on my site, I just figured that you had photoshopped this picture. He looks like a Young Marge Schott on the field.