Tuesday, January 11, 2011

sunday funday

On Sunday, the wife and I managed to make it over to the local card shop. I needed some small card boxes for shipping and that is where I pick 'em up. While there, I picked out some packs of Bowman Platinum and WWE Platinum. A bunch of each really, around 6 of each or so. She ripped the WWE and I ripped the Bowman. I really can't get enough of the Bowman Platinum and I've no idea why. I really don't like Bowman much but I think this set walks that fine line of balance between rookies and veterans and no name prospects (and USA baseball too). Its a smaller set at 150 total cards and there's no confusing BDPP, BP, BDP, ABCDEFG numbering like regular Bowman does (man, I HATE that), so that means things are kept to a minimum. 100 rookies/vets, 25 no namers and 25 USA baseball kids. While I could really care less about USA baseball and most of the prospects (save for Kyle Drabek), the base set is a good bunch of players and great rookies from this season. Anyway, I managed to get two hits from the 6 packs I picked up:

Not too shabby really, one auto of a guy I may never see again and a relic auto of a player I know. Hey, at least they are shiny, and the prospect is on-card. Why one would be on-card and the other not, I have no idea. Silly Topps. I may end up finishing off the set if I am impulsive enough...which probably means yes.

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  1. I can help you with the set if you put a need list together let me know.