Monday, January 10, 2011

random pack monday

Here we are for another installment of 'Random Pack Monday'. What do we have to open up today?

1985 Donruss. Another pack I have never opened up until now. Well, actually I opened this pack the same day I did the 1981 Donruss pack while snowed in. Ripping old Donruss is actually pretty fun because you always know its going to be a bunch of kinda worthless cards. Some Donruss is worth something and I guess I can't really say anything due to this pack having pretty much the best card in the set inside. Take a look:

Yep, you can say it. You're jealous of my Sammy Stewart. It's ok though, he saved a smile for ya. Obviously the Kirby Puckett rookie card is the best I could have gotten out of this set. The Clemens "books" higher but I've always liked Kirby better. I like the look of this set too, its simple and clean design makes for good looking cards. No wavy lines or odd colors on the borders or all red with black speckles (yeah 1990 Donruss, that's you...). Out of the three (Donruss, Fleer and Topps), I would have to say this is my favorite 1985 issue, with Topps being a close second. The 1985 Fleer set is boooooooring. Most early 80s Fleer is though with the exceptions being 1983 and 1984, those are pretty nice. No, it wasn't until 1991 that Fleer would win my affection, with its sunshine yellow borders and dull, large black font up top....damn what an ugly set that was. I know I'm not alone on that one....

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  1. Congratulations on pulling the Puckett... I mean Stewart. Growing up... I was a huge fan of 85 Fleer... but overtime... the Topps set has become my favorite from that year.