Sunday, January 30, 2011

pack pick results

In an unsurprising 8 out of 10 vote landslide, 1994 Topps Finest is the clear winner for tomorrow's featured pack. I don't blame you, '94 Finest is a great looking set. Here is a breakdown of the results:

1994 Topps Finest: 8 votes
2003 Topps series 2: 1 vote
2005 Topps series 2: 1 vote
2002 Topps series 2: 0 votes (no love for '02)

In actuality, 2003 was a series 1 pack. I didn't notice I canned the wrong pack until it was posted up and I checked out the picture. Since I messed that up, I decided that the 2003 pack would be today's runner up. Here it is:

Kind of a boring wrapper design if you ask me. I'm usually all for minimalism but this is jus plain boring. Lets hope the contents do better.

Ok, here we go, I can deal with this. Way back when I did set reviews (remember those? I think I'll be bringing that back soon), and collecting Topps base sets, I ranted on how much I liked 2003 Topps. I can't put my finger on why I dig it so much but I do. So we got a pair of Carlos' on the Royals in Beltran and Febles, a checklist, two first year guys who I've never heard of (yes that includes the Jay), a Thome, and a father and son duo in Bob Boone and Aaron Boone. Now thats a pack! Well maybe not but it is pretty uncommon to get a father/son combo in a pack unless you're buying up '88 Topps and getting Cal Ripken and his father's manager card.

Tomorrow will be the regularly scheduled Random Pack Monday but there will also be a second part to the post that involves the most valuable rookie card ever produced, according to my wife. WHAT CAN IT BE??? Stay tuned...

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  1. Hold that Aaron Boone card for me, will you?