Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the kid and the contest

Picked this up today at ye olde local card shoppe:

The kid. One of the most iconic baseball cards ever printed sitting next to an autographed ball. I've had my eye on it for some time and made the plunge today. Tax return came in and after playing around with all the numbers on what had to go where, I had a little left for this new gem.

Derek from Tomahawk Chopping is holding a contest, so check it (and his blog if you don't) out now. A really great prize for the winner and its easier than filling out a 1040EZ! (just kidding, his contest is really easy though, follow, comment, pimp, done.)

Also, if I have any fellow Blue Jays fans as readers, I have many Jays duplicates available. If you would like some (or all of them), let me know and I'll get them out to you.


  1. Now THAT's a pretty sweet combo, very cool!

  2. Very Nice. I spent some of my tax return money on cards. Keep an eye on my blog the next few days for that!

  3. That looks awesome!

  4. Now that my friend is badass..... A tip of the cap to you for picking that gem up.