Saturday, March 5, 2011

card show pick-ups

I hit up the old card show today. It seemed like it was a little busier than usual this morning and I saw a few new dealers there too. Here is what I came out with:

The vintage:

From right to left; 1934 Batter-Up, 1940 Playball, 1950 Bowman.

I grabbed these because I had none from any of these series. I have the surrounding Bowmans (1949, 1951-54) and Playballs (1939, 1941) but I had no Batter-Ups yet. The prices on these were very good for the condition.

The autos:

I grabbed all these from a guys box labeled '$5.00 each'. I definitely couldn't pass up the Strawberrys at that price. The two Wells and Pavano were no-brainers for me.

The relics:

Ok, so one of the Wells is an auto/relic, that came from the previously mentioned '$5.00 each' box and the Snider is a manu-patch auto. The Yount was impossible to pass up at 5 bucks too (different seller) and the second Wells seems to be maybe off of the nameplate.

Total spent: $60 for everything. Really can't complain too much there seeing as how I got some good vintage and autos and relics I actually wanted.


  1. I'm digging the Dizzy Trout card and I take it you're not gonna trade it?haha

  2. Strawberry autographs for $5 a piece? Awesome pickups!