Saturday, March 12, 2011

2011 opening day...

So 2011 Topps Opening Day is live in my area. Funny that the sell sheet states that it will be available March 19th. Then they changed it to the 7th. The Target in my area here is usually slow at getting cards and yesterday was the first time I had seen some OD's there. So I picked up a blaster. Ten bucks, ten (plus one!) packs. Here are some highlights:

Now, also weirdly enough, the sell sheet states that there will be hobby exclusive inserts. Those inserts being the Presidential First Pitches. I had no idea Target was now a hobby shop. Maybe they just changed their minds. Also we see a Under the Lights Heyward and A-Rod 3D dealie. The Reyes is the blue bordered parallel. Wait though, lets check that out closer shall we:

What. The. Eff. They can use the gold stamping on a product like Opening Day but for the base 2010 and 2011 (and 2010 Opening Day for that matter), we get that cheap crummy black printed serial numbers? That screams crappy to me. Nothing like cheapening your base product there. Especially when the fronts have ZERO foil at all. This is the cheap set, not your flagship set Topps! Besides those above cards, I did get two Jays (Romero and Wells), three mascots, another blue border card (Austin Jackson, which is in the rookie cup personal collection), two 'Spot the Errors' and a buncha base cards. I am not chasing this set this year. This set is supposed to be 'fun and easy to build' and 'intended for kids' but I had nothing but grief trying to assemble the 2010 set. I bought WAY too much and ended up with one set. One set I had to finish by buying the remaining 5 or so cards off eBay. Total crap collation on this product and I'm sure 2011 is the same exact way. This may actually be the only time I do buy Opening Day this year, this one lonely blaster...


  1. I didn't get that Heyward Stadium Lights card out of my hobby box. Can you put it aside for me? I've got a big 'ol box of Jays I'll be sending you as soon as my group break is done.

  2. I, too, picked up an Opening Day box. I had a so/so feeling on the cards. I will probably buy more just because they are so cheap, and it feeds my pack ripping addiction! I am doing a group break of some older boxes soon where I chose the Jays--I hope you don't mind if I send you all the cards I get minus the Roys.

  3. I would be happy to take any Indians off your hands from Opening Day. But also any of the inserts such as the mascots, presidential first pitch and Topps Town cards off your hands. Send me an email and let me know what you think.