Friday, March 11, 2011

2009 icons boxes (dodger edition)

Like the madman I am, I picked up two boxes of 2009 Upper Deck Icons last night. I think I plan to try and finish this set. The 1-100 base set, the 101-130 serial numbered rookies and the 131-160 auto rookies. So if you have anything from this set, please let me know as I will trade heavy for stuff I don't have. Now. Onto the boxes. I will show the second box I got first because the first box I opened was that good, it made me buy a (not as exciting) second box.

Box #2:

Now, there isn't anything wrong with it. The Bo baby blue relic and the auto'd Ian Kinsler (03/10) make this box. The Ford letter doesn't hurt either. I already have the Jepsen auto so it is on it's way to an Angel collector.

Box #1:

This was the good one. The best part? The Kemp auto and the Newcombe auto (#'d 1/4) came in the same pack. Yes, THE SAME PACK. Icons is notorious for its multiple hit packs. The same things happened when I got the box with the Molitor in it, one pack had two hits. The Kaline letter is awesome too. Admittedly, I'm not a Dodger fan so I really didn't know about Newcombe. After reading up on him, I instantly fell in love with this card. First ever Cy Young recipient (in 1956, which back then was given to only one player from the entire league). MVP in '56, and NL Rookie of the Year in 1949. Part of the legendary 1955 Dodger team. His career ended in 1960 due to his alcoholism. Once clean in 1967, he aided other people get clean (such as another Dodger great, Maury Wills), and has done so since. A great ball player and an even greater human being in general with all his help to those who need it.


  1. If that Kemp is available, I am so down to shower you with cards for it.

  2. Great Newcombe pull. As a Dodger fan, I know all about him. Not a fan of the letter patch thing, but I certainly wouldn't mind having it because of who it is.

  3. If you end up with a double of 145 George Kottaras pleas let me know. It is the last one I need.

  4. I have the following 2009 UD Icons:


    Any and all are available for trade for 2011 Topps base set cards I need:


    Let me know.

  5. I have a handful of Icons dupes for trade. I am putting together the 1-100 base set at the moment (maybe more later). Let me know if you need anything from my list and I'm sure we can work out a trade.

  6. That Kaline is great. I have a 2004 Bowman Heritage Vernon Wells jersey card I'd love to trade for it, which is hardly an even trade, but I'm sure I could find some other nice Jays, too.