Monday, March 14, 2011

random pack monday (plus the reveal)

Random Pack Monday time. I was out of packs for this week so I had to pick something kinda lame:

Yeah yeah yeah, 2011 Opening Day. The set that is supposed to be easy and fun but ends up being neither. Lets see what comes of this...

Oh, well, I guess it isn't all bad, Pujols, an AWESOME looking Mauer, the seemingly-on-fire-rookie-that-no-one-is-talking-about, Chris Sale and a newly Brewered Shaun Marcum. AND A TOPPSTOWN AAARRRGGGGHHHHH....well, at least they seem to come in every four packs. I did only end up with 3 from my blaster. Seriously, this is how it should be for the base set. No one wants a Toppstown per pack. What a waste of a card. Like
I stated the other day, I am not chasing this set by any means. Topps can kiss it with this set after what 2010 OD did to me.

Well that about wraps up today's post. I see that Heritage has made its way to the 'Bay. I don't think I'll be chasing the set like I mentioned in my 2011 collecting goals but I'll get into that another day. Until then!

Oh're still here? Oh right. The T206 I posted about yesterday. Well, have a look for yourself:

Christy makes number twelve, but easily the most impressive 206 I own, let alone maybe the most impressive card I own period. It ain't perfect but its awesome.


  1. Whoa. That is a nice card!

  2. Awesome is an understatement.

  3. You buried the lead!

    Tremendous card.

  4. That is fantastic! (and buried - NO is right...) :)