Friday, March 18, 2011

quick pick-ups

I picked up some more '54s for the set on the cheap, from the 'Bay:

Two Yanks and a Phillie. Total cost including shipping: under $10.

I also picked up a hobby box of Heritage at the local shop today. Nothing out of the ordinary, except that I was missing my 'Real One' auto or my relic but it did have this instead:

I have never, ever seen one of these in person. Part of the "Happy 60th" continuity spread across all Topps products this year, there are five different players per set, each numbered to 60. In Heritage, these run at an odds of 1:7,500, hobby. This is certainly the rarest card I've ever pulled odds-wise. Totally makes up for the missing auto or relic worth about $3.00. Or maybe this is my hit... Eh, either way I am extremely pleased with the outcome. This also marks my second Ernie auto. I will be piecing together the set, 1-500 and the four insert sets (both flashback sets, then and now, and new age performers) so if you have some dupes, look for my want list on the right soon.


  1. That was your hit. Still beats a crappy relic or coin hit.

  2. I saw those Yanks cards on the Bay. I was going to bid, but I was able to get to a computer in time. Nice pick ups!!!

  3. Great Ernie! It's really a nice looking card.