Thursday, January 6, 2011

it came from....the mailbox!

Look what decided to show up in the mailbox today:

Anyone recognize it? I'm sure some of you do. It had this inside of it:

What the heck could this be? What did I order from a no-name-on-the-envelope company, located in Duryea, PA??

Well, these are my Chrome wrapper redemption cards that I sent in about two weeks ago. Topps is on the ball here. I got my etopps cards really quick too but I'll show those another day. I've seen some nice cards pulled out of these thin sliver packs and I hope to get something kinda nice. Lets see what's inside, from top to bottom:

Mickey. What else is there to say about Mantle that Topps hasn't already shoved at us? I mean, a card for each home run he hit, a big set of cards chronicling his life, and endless variants, parallels and relics of warm-up jackets and such. Anyway the next card is much better:

The National League Rookie of the Year, sweet. Buster had a fantastic season, got his ring and the ROY award, this kid can only go up from here, definitely one to watch this coming season.

I've got to admit, I'm not a huge Mets fan but I like Ike. He had a pretty respectable season too and I may even make it to another Mets game this season, so hopefully I'll get to see him play.

The picks here are pretty good and I can't really complain. Even the Mantle has a place in my collection here. Whats odd is that the Posey and Mantle are both numbered past 220. Maybe these are an extension of the Chrome set? If so, I may have to get the rest, so if you have some for trade, let me know and I'll definitely trade big for them.