Monday, August 30, 2010

wwe week-day 1

In celebration of WWE Raw's 900th episode set to air tonight, I thought it would be appropriate to display the new 2010 Topps WWE set this week. I know this is a baseball themed blog, but as I stated a few days ago, the WWE set is something the wife and I can bust and collect together.

The set is 110 cards total, with four parallel sets; blue (numbered to 2010), black-ish (numbered to 999), gold (numbered to 50) and red (1/1, not pictured). There are many insert sets, after all this IS a Topps product. There are also autographed cards and relic cards, then there are autographed relics and printing plates (and even auto'd plates too). Just like all their products, Topps overdoes it just a l'il bit ;). Blue parallels can be found in any packs (hobby its one per), golds and reds are hobby only. The black bordered is retail only I believe, but its not listed on the back of the packs oddly enough. Overall Topps did an awesome job with this set. Maybe we bought too much of it (four hobby boxes and two blasters and some misc. packs), but again, its fun and something we can collect together. Plus one of my local shops does a HUGE amount of wrestling stuff, so I can trade him stuff for presumably whatever I like in equal value. Stay tuned for tomorrow's part two to see what else we pulled!

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  1. You pulled a gold Santino? I simply must have it! I've looked for it on eBay and nothing so far. If you'd let go of it please let me know.