Monday, August 16, 2010

topps' millions

Does anyone still get on the Topps Million deal? It seems like no one really cares about it anymore. Or even mentions it. I'm not sure how popular it is (or was), but I know I redeemed all my codes. I'm in the same boat as everyone, in that I didn't get anything great. I did manage however, to trade my way into getting at least one card of every year from 1956 to 2009. A difficult feat indeed, seeing as how no one wants to give up cards that are older than 1976. I unlocked cards that were fairly old, and I would trade them for the next year up (like a 1966 for a 1967 in return) that I didn't have. The real question is do I have them delivered to me? I was thinking about it, because it wouldn't cost all THAT much to do. We'll see what happens.


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  2. I still check in to my MCG account the odd time. It will pick up again in October when Series 3 comes out. I have a few cards I will be ordering and I might try and initiate few more trades to get some vintage bunting cards and some 60's Cubs.

  3. I had about 20 some cards. All were commons but that's what I wanted. I had some 3 for 1 trades with other people (I got 3) so that was good. It didn't excite me but hey. I got 3 for 1s on a mediocre 1970 Indian, but no one wanted to trade me for a 1974 Bill Greif. Sigh.

    Someone really, really, really wanted a 2003 Jimmy Rollins but he only offered me 1 for 1 deals.