Monday, August 9, 2010

don't count them out!

It will certainly be an uphill battle. Yes they are currently 10.5 games behind New York, but the Blue Jays seem to be firing on all cylinders. After winning their last 5 out of 6 games, hitting 8 home runs in the second battle with Tampa, nearly no-hitting in the third and blowing away the league in home runs (175, with Boston being second with 147). Their batting average is well...average, but they have shown they can definitely win games. Brandon's performance on Sunday was awesome, he was totally in the zone. It's too bad Aaron Hill missed that final hit by Longoria, to upset the no-hitter, but Hill did all he could to try and get that ball. What is it with the Rays and being the guys that always seem to have the no-hitters thrown on them? Just weird. The Jays are in 4th in the division, and its highly unlikely they will move past that position with the three phenomenal teams ahead of them, but we can hope right?


  1. Hey, I don't see your email on your profile. Email me from my profile and send me your address. I'm in the process of pulling the Jays cards among several other teams.

  2. You know if we could just avoid letting the freaking Indians beat the shit out of us......we would be right in the thick of the race.