Thursday, August 19, 2010

set review-1995

1995 Topps is a strange beast (madding over at cards on cards is busting a box right now, its fun to see what he gets). To start, it is the first post strike set, so it looks like many players are in posed positions, you know, like they aren't playing baseball and just pretending to? Not a ton of posed shots, but a good number of them. Secondly I'm guessing this set should have had 792 cards, instead of the 660 it has. Series 1 consists of 396 cards, while series 2 has the remaining 264 cards. Seems like they may have cut production on series 2 for whatever reason, be it a huge hit the whole baseball industry may have taken due to the strike, players not wanting, or able to be photographed for cards. I mean, who knows? If someone does, please let me know, I'm quite intrigued by it. Then the backs of the cards feature "Diamond Vision" sponsored by Mitsubishi. Just weird. Another thing is that some of the cards are dated 1994 in the copyright area, and others are 1995. Just random cards, not series 1 is 1994 and 2 is 1995. Its more like cards 1, 13, 76, 436, etc. I suppose it is fair to assume that Topps was affected by the strike, as was everyone in this industry then. Maybe that is why this set is the way it is. Everyone was just in a real messed up state. Now, onto the cards themselves. The design is totally 90's, from the scribbly picture borders to the weird foil font. Card number 1 is right above, good old Big Hurt Frank Thomas. Overall a middle of the road set designwise, but maybe with a little mystery behind its glossy finish.


  1. Wow i am surprise on how you look at things. You have one in a million idea on how things happened. :)

  2. one and a million i should say ;)