Thursday, August 5, 2010


This card is pretty much the single card I want from 2010 Tribute. It stands as the single Tribute card I own period. This set is way too expensive for the small return you get back. My local shop busted two boxes of the stuff and he let me look through what he got. Yeah, some nice super shiny cards (mmmm....shiny) and some cool relics/autos of HOFers and current players, but NOTHING I'd pay nearly $60 a pack for. Topps is out of their minds with this product. I thought UD's Sweet Spot was absurdly overpriced, and he sells that for $30! I did try one of those though, not sure why. I ended up with a Tim Raines jersey. Cool, but not $30 cool... Anyway, I'll be waiting until the hype over Tribute wears off then I'll pick up the few other cards on the cheap and those would probably just be base cards (the shiny-nesssssss....). According to the release schedule on BaseballCardopedia, the next set I'll be buing some of isn't until October, with Topps Update (or series 3 as it should be called). Maybe I'll get into Topps Chrome in late September, but even that may be pushing it with its 4 card packs for $5 bucks (I think). Calling the set "Update" makes sense, but I still feel it should be Series 3, starting with card 661 and ending with 990. Yes, nearly 1000 cards in a set is daunting, but the releases are stacked far apart so its no big deal. They did series' in the 50s and 60s (maybe the 70s too), and they came up with the Traded series in the 80s. Oh and see? If they called it series 3, they would be paying tribute to their heritage once again. (ha, not funny!).

ps- Don't forget to take your guesses on yesterdays post to win my duplicate box. Some of you guessed right with one of your years, but no one has guessed two right yet. Keep 'em coming! I'll announce the winner tomorrow, but if no one wins by 3 PM tomorrow, I'll give the word and those who guessed already can guess again.

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